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Our Lifetime Health Guarantee

We go to great lengths to make sure you receive the healthiest puppy possible.  After researching hundreds of reputable breeding programs, and spending countless hours of interrogating highly educated Veterinarians, (Thank you Dr. Ralph and Brian for your guidance and being patient with me throughout the years...), we have implemented a "Posh Puppy Lifetime Health and Temperament Guarantee" to assure you that you are choosing the right breeder!  


In addition to creating the highest level of standards and ethics, in a business that is typically driven by politics and greed, Piper's Posh Puppies is proud to offer this extraordinary health and temperament guarantee.  NO ONE - no breeder... no pet store... no shelter or organization can match, or even compare to our guarantee.  In addition, we give a Lifetime, No-Questions-Asked, Return Policy.  I double-dog-dare you to find a contract or warranty that compares to our... and if you do, I promise to match it or do better.  


The fine-print, however, is I will hold YOU accountable for your own mistakes, due to ignorance or simple laziness.  I'm not going to sugar-coat it for you - You need to be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and financially to care for a new puppy.  Too many people jump into this having no idea what is truly involved in being a "Puppy Parent."

Your Responsibilites
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