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About Us

My name is Piper Tunno and my husband is Marc.  We have five-children that keep us busy and they help us socialize and train our puppies.  From our first puppy until now, my mission has been to provide the best home-raised puppy to forever, quality, family homes.

I have been raising puppies my whole life.  My parent's use to breed and I decided to take over their business when they retired.  I went to a dog show and absolutely fell in love with the teddy bear (Shichon) breed!  They were the perfect dogs!  Small, non-shedding, loving and playful.  I wanted one.  Or two...maybe three.  So I decided to breed Shichons.  From there I learned about the Cavachon breed.  Cavalier King Charles is my absolute favorite breed so how perfect would a non-shedding Cavachon be?  

I met my husband in 2012 and he decided to quit his real job and help me breed puppies.  It was definitely more than a one-person job and he really helped my business grow. Plus, we get to be together all day, every day. I love it!

I'm happy to say that so many of our puppies become service dogs and work in various capacities from nursing homes, to children's hospitals.  Everyone loves our puppies and it makes me love this job even more.

Thank you for visiting my website and learning about our family and puppies.  I look forward to assisting you in anyway that I can.



A Teddy Bear is a Great Dog for You if:
  • You want a non-shedding dog... or

  • If you are allergic to other animals

  • You're not away from home for a long period of time... or

  • You have another pet around to keep your teddy bear puppy company.

  • You have a smaller home... but

  • You still want to take short walks.

  • You don't mind indoor potty training if you don't have an option for outdoor training.

  • You have a pretty consistent daily routine.

A Teddy Bear is a Not a Good Fit for You if:
  • You're looking for a guard dog.

  • You don't want to take your dog to the groomer every two-to-three months.

  • You're hardly every home... and/or

  • You do not have another pet around to keep your teddy bear company.

  • Your daily routine is very sporadic or unpredicable. 

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