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Pet Owner Responsibility

This part of my website was the most difficult to create.  Through the years, I’ve met some unbelievably ridiculous “puppy-millers” and unethical breeders, but just as many, if not more, irresponsible pet owners.  I’ve had my heart broken over-and-over again because of the unnecessary loss of innocent animal lives, due to negligence and ignorance on the part of the new puppy parent - Just read my "Irresponsible Pet Owner Wall of Shame."  I expect YOU take responsibility of your new fur-baby.  Here are a few things I expect from my new "Puppy Parents." Please scroll through all the pages.

Be prepared for your new puppy BEFORE bringing him/her home.  Have your home already puppy-proofed and all supplies ready.  You will find a full list of supplies needed, on my website.

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